There is a new T-Rex on the block and this new beast is getting a good amount of attention. The Imaginext Mega T-Rex is the latest Fisher Price Dinosaur for kids. Let’s check this creature out and take a closer look at the working and features of this popular toy for young and old.

Make Room for the Imaginext Mega T-Rex

In a battle of toys what toy stamps out others? A T-Rex of course! If he doesn’t win by size, he wins by sheer volume as the Fisher-Price Imaginext Mega T-Rex lets out a ferocious roar!

Ages three and up will be enthralled with Mega T-Rex’s motorized and mechanical parts.
His wide stance makes him a great toy that stands on his own (while he defends the room against ninja Turtles and Great American Heroes!

Fight fair or snap on his extended arms to take action with his grabbing claws and snap on helmet accessory. Look out toy box, Imaginext is making Mega T-Rex the new King of the Jungle!

Not Your Ordinary Imaginext Dinosaur

Standing tall at over twelve inches, Imaginext Mega T-Rex is painted in bright colors to appeal to young children’s color palettes. Mega T-Rex comes with all the accessories for turning him from an ordinary carnivorous dinosaur to a high tech projectile launching man eater!

His rear control pod makes room for his included action figure. Place the two inch figure on the secret button and turn to unlock the cockpit. Man the T-Rex ship and shoot down the enemies with the soft plastic projectiles included.

All Imaginext action figures are interchangeable so mix and match with Dino Friends and DC Super Friends for an expanded play time collection.

The Imaginext Mega T-Rex Controls

Mega T-Rex’s motorized arms and gnashing teeth make him an excellent imaginative play toy. Watch as T-Rex takes over Hot Wheel City, Hogwart’s Castle (and every other play place the little ones want to conquer around the room.)

The buttons along his back are easy to press and find for those smaller hands. Press his back and hear him roar, press again and see him chomp his large teeth! His large moving parts and as well as those that are manipulated by hand are what gives Mega T-Rex his appeal from toddler to older child.

With his overall playability a high with a wide age group, Fisher Price T-Rex will definitely be at the top of a lot of holiday wish lists this season!

The Imaginext Dinosaur Comes with Many Pieces and Batteries Too!

What comes in the box? Fisher-Price’s Mega T-Rex comes boxed and ready to play with helmet, 2 projectile launchers, detachable robotic arms, rear control pod, action figure, and the four AA batteries needed to operate him.

To keep the fun going we recommend upgrading your battery collection to rechargeables! Packaging comes in easy to remove hassle free boxing, so going from packaged to playable can be done in record time.

Let’s See What Parents Have to Say About the Imaginext Mega T-Rex

Imagnext scores big in our home
I haven’t given this to my almost-4-years-old son yet but I know he will love it. He loves all of the Imaginext toys he’s gotten so far. From the Batman (he has Batman, Batmobile, Joker Cycle, and Robin’s Batcycle) to the Viking series (he has the dragon ship and the little dragon catapult), he is a huge fan. They perfectly straddle that line between too-young-for-complicated-toys and too-old-to-be-fooled-with-little-kid-toys.

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ROAR! Radical T-Rex by itself + it comes with weapons! Extremely cool!
I would have loved to save this toy for Xmas but wanted to play with it myself the moment it arrived. Before our Little Paleontologist could even see the toy, my husband and I had the T-Rex out of the box and were playing Land of the Lost! Boy does this monster ROAR like Dinosaur should in our imgainations! We didn’t even bother with the weapons, since the plain T-Rex was plenty of fun by itself.

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Roar! Mega T-Rex
A dinosaur with removable armor and mechanical claws that roars and can launch missiles?!? My children couldn’t get this out of the box fast enough. They have had it for a few weeks now, and while it doesn’t enjoy the hours of play it received the first day, the T-Rex is still used at least once a day.

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Imaginext Mega T-Rex is Strong, Light and Washable

Fisher-Price realizes that kids make messes, which is why Fisher-Price Imaginext Mega T-Rex is made of durable ABS plastic that is easily cleaned with mild soap and warm water on a non-abrasive cloth. His solid construction and lightweight body make him a great toy to carry around or travel with. His snap on accessories fit snugly so parts don’t just fall off the big guy.

Young or still young at heart, Imaginext Mega T-Rex is sure to be a favorite toy when it comes to play time. His accessories and sounds make him loads of fun long after his initial unboxing. With it’s growing popularity, Mega T-Rex will surely be hard to find this holiday!

How to Buy the Imaginext Mega T-Rex for the Bets Price

The Fisher-Price Imaginext Mega T-Rex sells for $56.62 which is a good deal for a robitic Dinosaur with this many pieces. Take your time to learn more about this toy and see what other’s have to say about it before you buy.

When you’re ready, click the big button below to Buy the Imaginext Mega T-Rex or to get more info about this cool Fisher Price Dinosaur.

Fisher Price Dinosaur


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